Selected by the Miami Independent, the Indie Visions, the Tulum World Environment, the Venice Retro Avant-garde, the World’s Independent, the Awareness. the Barents Ecology, the Peloponnisos International Documentary, The Hague Global, the World Cinema Milan, the North Europe International, the South Europe International, the Ferrara, the Nice Market, the Lift-Off Online and the Queen Palm International Film Festivals

Semi-Finalist at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, the Courage Film Festival in Berlin and the Capital FIlmmakers Festival in Lisbon

Finalist at the 12th Annual Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival, the Alwar International Film Festival in India and the Ferrara Film Festival in Italy


Accolade Global Film Competition Award of Recognition

Docs Without Borders Film Festival Exceptional Merit 

Impact DOCS Award of Recognition

Silver Spotlight Documentary Film Award

Best Environmental Film at the San Francisco World’s Independent and the Venice Retro Avant-Garde Film Festivals  

Making a Difference Award–Honorable Mention from the Toronto Community Film & Arts Festival

Award for Best Cinematography in a Documentary at the World Cinema Milan Festival, in addition to Nominations for Scientific Education Award, Jury Award, and Best Editing of a Documentary

Nominations for Best Director of a Feature Documentary, Best Editing of a Documentary and Best Story at the North Europe Film Festival in London

Award for Best Cinematography in a Documentary in addition to Nominations for Best Scientific & Education, Editing of a Documentary, Director of a Feature Documentary, and Story and at the South Europe International Film Festival

Nomination for Best Editing of a Documentary for the World Independent Cinema Awards 2021 

Screenings in Nine Cities in Seven Countries in Three Continents

USA–San Francisco and Los Angeles, Mexico–Tulum, Malaysia–Kuala Lumpur, India–Alwar, Italy–Milan and Venice, Greece–Kalamata,  and Great Britain–London

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