In spite of much discussion of the problem for over a quarter of a century, observed temperatures and levels of carbon dioxide have only continued to increase. In this documentary, a wide variety of voices speak on the topic of what needs to be done about climate change, including those of congressmen and women speaking at town halls, of speakers at public events, of environmentalists being interviewed, and of experts appearing in other videos. The film explores avenues available for making progress, while capturing the passion of protesters and activists who understand the perils of maintaining business as usual.

           Trailer for What to Do about Climate Disruption?

Selected by the Miami Independent, the Indie Visions, the Tulum World Environment, the Venice Retro Avant-garde, the World’s Independent, the Awareness. the Barents Ecology, the Peloponnisos International Documentary, The Hague Global and the World Cinema Milan Film Festivals

Semi-Finalist at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards

Finalist at the 12th Annual Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival


Accolade Global Film Competition Award of Recognition

Docs Without Borders Film Festival Exceptional Merit 

Impact DOCS Award of Recognition

Silver Spotlight Documentary Film Award

Best Environmental Film at the World’s Independent Film Festival

Making a Difference Award–Honorable Mention from the Community Film & Arts Festival